Julia Chu Kar Yee


Julia has had long experience in film industry. She first joined the Hong Kong Film Culture Centre in 1978 managing administrative and promotional work for the Center. Then, she was attracted to the Hong Kong film industry in 1980, took the chance to ride on the new wave (so-called La Nouvelle Vague) of Hong Kong movies.

After working for Radio Television Hong Kong and the Program Department of ICAC, Julia was put in charge of production for many prominent production companies, including D&B Films, Bo Ho Films, Film Workshop, Go East Entertainment, Mythical Films and Emperor Motion Pictures. Upon setting up her own company to pursue film production, Julia is also focusing in film financing and synergic all resources cross countries in order to produce quality films appealing to mass audiences.

Her involvement in blockbuster film works include:

《Theory of Ambitions》《Fatal Visit》《Fagara》《Port Of Call》《As The Light Goes Out》《Two Thumbs Up》《An Autumn's Tale》《A Moment Of Romance》《Once Upon A Time In China》《The Legend Of Fong Sai-Yuk》

Participation :

  • Industry Consultant for Hong Kong Film Development Fund of HKSAR Television & Entertainment Licensing Authority (2007~2020)
  • APN (Asia-Pacific Producers Network) Hong Kong member
  • Columnist for 'Hong Kong Movie' magazine (HK & Mainland)
  • Guest lecturer at 'Professional Program in Film' hosted by 'Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers', Speaker for 'Create HK' Workshop, Lecturer for Emperor Entertainment Training School


Kingman Cho


Having returned from Edmonton of Canada, Kingman entered the local film industry in his early age. He has ample experience in movie production and has countless big-grossing, critically acclaimed credits to his name as a producer.

Kingman has been co-operated with many well-known TV & film studios including Yorkshire Television, Film Workshop, D&B Films, Chinese Entertainment, Media Asia and Emperor Motion Pictures.

He greatly benefited by working with world-renowned directors such as Wong Ka Wai, Ching Siu Tung, Cory Yuen Woo-ping, Jeff Lau and Tsui Hark in the past twenty years. Kingman has been extremely active in production with foreign producers and support Hong Kong new directors in recent years.

He produced Freddie Wong's The Drunkard and Julian Lee's Night Corridor. Both films had been invited to present in many international film festivals and received well attention.